This week you will need to read another article from the Iowa Farmer Today.  This article will discuss the challenges that farmers will face trying to produce crops on flooded ground.  Discuss the various implications that farmers will face with this ground.


This week, I have another article from the Furrow that I would like each of you to read.  This article is very interesting and lends well to what we are doing in class. 

Second, each of you need to blog each day after class to discuss what happened in class.  Make sure to elaborate as much as possible so I can gain a better understanding of what you know and what we still need to discuss.


Well, we've taken a week off and I feel lost.  I really enjoy reading your postings each week so we'll get back on schedule today.  I appologize for not having an article for you to read this week but I feel that we need to spend some time reflecting on what you learned this week in class.  We have listened to two guest speakers dealing with fertilizer and nitrogen.  I would like each of you blog about the information that you learned.  There was a wealth of information provided by each guest speaker, please highlight some of the important data discussed.  I would like to know what you gained from each of the speakers.  This should be a lengthier blog than normal.


This week I would like each of you to read the article at the following link.  Please comment on how you feel technology is going to drive the ag industry in the future.  Do you feel that this is going to be a limiting factor for some farmers?


This week, I would like each of you to read the article at the following link and reflect on the article.  Tie this article to the information we have been discussing in class.

First Assignment 01/26/2009

Please view the video clip below.  After you have viewed the clip, please write a brief response to the clip. 

Welcome 01/25/2009

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Schmidt's blog.  Let me give you a brief background on who I am, what I want to accomplish and what I hope we can gain from using the WWW.  I have been teaching High School Agriculture for the past 10 years in Iowa.  It has been an incredibly rewarding job and I absolutely love it.  I currently have 30 FFA members and teach a variety of classes including Animal Science, Horticulture, Ag Business, Landscape Design, Conservation, and much more.  A month ago, I attended the High School Summit held in Des Moines, Iowa  and as I  sat through different sessions, the wheels started turning and here I am today.  As part of a classroom grade, students will be creating their own weebly site and using it to post what they are working on in class.  I will be posting weekly assignments on my page for students to work on.  My intent is to help students explore the art of blogging and increase the focus on reading, writing, and appropriate use of technology in my classroom.  I look forward to learning about this new adventure right along with my students!